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About New Mexico's Rural Electric Cooperatives

There are 18 rural electric distribution cooperatives in New Mexico and two generation and transmission cooperatives that are members of NMRECA. Fifteen of the 18 distribution cooperatives and the two generation and transmission cooperatives are full members of NMRECA, and the three remaining distribution cooperatives are associate members. Ten of the 15 distribution cooperatives who are full members of NMRECA receive wholesale power from Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. Four are members of Western Farmers Electric Cooperative headquartered in Anadarko, Oklahoma; and one distribution cooperative receives power from an independent wholesale power supplier. For more information, click on a co-op's name from the list above.

The New Mexico distribution cooperatives have invested over $1.3 billion to provide reliable electric service to their members. They employ over 800 New Mexicans as lineworkers, customer service representatives, engineers, warehouse operators, and other positions.

The cooperatives are active in promoting and providing renewable energy resources and energy efficient rebate programs for consumer-members. They also offer a green power program to consumer-members who have the opportunity to purchase renewable energy.

The cooperatives strongly support their communities. For example, they collectively operate one of the largest non-governmental scholarship programs in New Mexico. Over 485 New Mexico scholars receive over $978,000 per year from non-profit foundations founded and funded by the state’s electric cooperatives. They sponsor youth programs such as the Government-in-Action Youth Tour and promote electrical safety in schools, including the annual Safety Poster Coloring Contest. Over 15,000 posters are distributed to elementary schools each year.
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